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No matter your event type or size, my knowledgeable - yet practical - presentations will equip entreperneurs when it comes to their toughest design challenges.

Listed below are three available speaking presentations. However, presentations can be altered - or even created! - based on specific needs.

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Design Like a Pro:
It’s All About Problem-Solving

Want to know a secret? Web and graphic design is first and foremost about problem-solving. Whether you’re designing a website, brochure, or social media campaign, each project has specific goals. The key to success is to make design choices based on those goals.

In this presentation, I:

  • Explain how to approach design projects with a problem-solving mindset - and why it’s so important to your business.
  • Share key questions to ask yourself at the start of every project in order to help clarify your goals.
  • Reveal the system of how to approach design decisions based on those goals.

Logo Design 101:
And the Tips That Will Keep You Sane

Designing a logo can be one of the most difficult tasks for a new business. How do you design something that will represent your brand online, in print, and everywhere in-between? How can you make it look professional? And what technical requirements should you be aware of?

I will answer these questions and more! Learn firsthand:

  • What programs you should use to create your logo and why.
  • Common design mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Standard logo layouts that you can choose from.
  • What your logo should convey and the impact of design choices

Website Success:
Designing for the User

Creating a website is one thing. But creating a website that really succeeds...well, that can feel as elusive as a unicorn! How can you help ensure that people come, stay, and buy your products and services? How should your website be organized? What things are you missing or doing incorrectly without even knowing it?

In this talk, I reveal:

  • What a user-friendly experience is and why it’s so important to your website’s success.
  • How your inner perspective of your business can be unconsciously affecting your design decisions.
  • Design pitfalls to avoid so that your site isn’t getting in its own way.
  • Practical testing methods to help determine how your visitors are actually using your site - and how you can improve it.
Brad Frost

"I had the pleasure of hearing Jenn speak at Refresh Pittsburgh. She's a charismatic, informative speaker who deftly discusses the interaction of design, business, and marketing."