when you need an expert

When it comes to your website, are you having trouble wrangling your content, selecting a template, or creating a polished look?

Whatever your struggle, my website consultation service can help save the day!

website consultation

A website consultation is a great way for you to get the expertise of a designer and triumph over your hurdles!

Simply supply your website URL and areas of concern. Then I'll spend a pre-agreed amount of time studying your site and writing up professional reccommendations - as well as practical, actionable steps that you can implement yourself.

Each consultation is set at a flat fee based on the size of the website, the assistance needed, and the required turn around time. Consultations can cover a variety of areas. See the list below for details.

To start the process, fill out this brief form.

Template Selection

Having trouble choosing the right template for your site? Is your template working against you rather than for you?

Content Strategy

Are you struggling with content? Not sure what to include, how to organize it, or the best way to present it?

Graphic Design

Need to create that polished, professional look or stand out from the crowd? Would help with colors, images, or design in general be a God-send?

Mobile Design

Yearning for guidance on how to provide an exceptional mobile experience? After all, the web is now accessed primarily on mobile.

User Experience

Are visitors having a tough time finding information on your website? Are you unsure how to organize your site in a way that's user-friendly?

Other Issues

Don't see your exact issue listed here? That's okay - a consultation may still help!

Linda Kelso

"When I started my business, I had a small budget. I also work out of my home so my website is my storefront. I knew my site needed to be modern, beautiful, and professional - but I had a problem. Even though I knew enough to get my site up and running, I couldn't seem to acheive the look that I wanted.

Jenn to the rescue! Through her website critique service, she gave me tons of practical, actionable recommendations that took my site from "meh" to "wow!" I created my website, but Jenn made it shine! Every time someone tells me how pretty my site looks, I know it's because of Jenn and her crazy awesome skills. Having a polished, professional website definitely helps to inspire confidence in potential clients."

Cindi McMenamin

"For 10 years I relied on Jenn's expertise as my web designer and, more recently, as my branding consultant. She is creative, efficient, highly-skilled, and always cutting edge."

Cindi McMenamin
National Author & Speaker
Lora Innes

"Aside from Jenn's obvious skills - clean design, functionality, a knowledge of her craft - she also has all the qualities necessary to make working with her not only a smart business decision, but an absolute pleasure.

Communication with her was never a problem - she's quick to respond to emails and calls. She was able to help me with suggestions to improve my site's organization and functionality, and as someone with no knowledge of web design, that was a great relief! She did a great job, gave me exactly what I wanted and did it in a time frame that made my head spin!"